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Deb Levy | Coaching Is Good

Deb Levy, M.Ed., PCC

Certified Business and Life Coach

Deb's coaching played a pivotal role during a period of change in our small business.  She  was by our sides as we set the vision for where we wanted to go in the short, medium and long term and helped us put plans in place to get there. Deb's approach is action-oriented; her recommendations are easy to implement and extremely effective, especially because she helps you take accountability for breaking down your goals and turning them into reality, one step at a time. Deb is extremely knowledgable on a range of coaching and mentoring practices, she's a great connecter with a passion for bringing together like-minded clients and contacts, and she has a magnetic energy that makes her fun to be around. We always looked foward to our sessions with Deb, knowing we would come away with inspiration, clarity and an action plan.

Melissa Dowler

I can't say enough wonderful things about Deb. She is one of the most honest, confident, and caring individuals I have had the honor of interacting with. Deb helped me as I worked through a difficult transition time, and helped me make progress towards goals that I never thought I'd be brave enough to face, let alone conquer. I continue to talk about my experience with Deb to anyone who will listen. She has inspired me to continue to set goals for myself, and be honest about what I want.

Alexa Riobueno-Naylor

When I was fired from my job, my company gave me an hour with Debra as a parting gift. After spending an hour with her, I signed up for another five on my own. And I'm glad I did.

Like a lot of people, my career has involved periods of self-employment. I have no trouble getting work, but I do have trouble managing myself to get the work done well and on time. This is where Debra was able to help me. She showed me a few techniques for building a productive day by planning out blocks of time. It was very useful and I continue to use it, even after transitioning to full-time work about nine months later.

Debra's fun to work with and she delivers real value. The time I spent with her was well spent. I got more than my money's worth.

Dan Armstrong

I was in between jobs and feeling somewhat rudderless. In just a handful of sessions, Deb helped me find clarity and direction in my career. By talking through various scenarios to their end, I was able to focus in on the positions that fit my criteria and get over the fears that were holding me back.  I was fortunate enough to land in a wonderful job relatively quickly, and my sessions with Deb played an important role in the process. I continue to reference our conversations and draw on the strengths that she helped me to identify.  Highly recommended!

Claire Klein

If I were to try to find just one word to describe the impact that Deb had on my life and goals, it would be impossible; I would need a whole dictionary of skillful and efficient ways of achieving goals and succeeding in life. Deb and her coaching methods have changed my life for the better, her human qualities and professional approaches were key to achieving my goals. As a non-traditional student, Deb's work and her applied positive psychology techniques supported me all the way through graduation. I recommend Deb to all my loved ones and anyone who wants to flourish and thrive.

Thor BlancoReynoso

Deb is a tremendous life coach!  Over the past few years, she has helped me set realistic—but by no means boring!—professional, educational and personal goals for myself and has helped me develop and use the tools necessary to achieve them.  With her counsel and encouragement, I have turned an unsustainable work situation into a veritable feast of self-expression, navigated the amazingly rewarding but sometimes turbulent waters of the Harvard Extension School’s ALM program (still in progress, but finishing strong), and reconnected with a host of long-lost friends and former colleagues.  Deb and I no longer meet on a regular basis, but her wisdom and enthusiasm continue to guide and inspire me.  Go Deb!

Bob Bergner

I was unable to implement my ideas even though I was extremely passionate about what i wanted to do. I approached Deb with this and she helped me recognize my perfectionist qualities and how they paralyzed me. Working with her twice a month , she is guiding me through a journey of goal setting, self-empathy and self-care self-advocacy and self- belief which have come together for me to form the launching pad for my goals. Her enthusiasm and humor is infectious and she has managed to inject these into my interaction with my world. I am confident about my ability to reach my goals. So far, I’ve accomplished all the personal and professional goals she helped me set and revised a few to pursue differently. She is respectful, intuitive, and immensely resourceful, zeroes in on the task and gets it done.  I would never have done this alone; we have covered considerable mileage and I am happy with the process and results. A therapist follows the path of tears; a coach follows the path of dreams. Everyone needs a coach.

Anne Odera

Deb helped me keep my business on track by looking at things clearly with me, and reinforcing the positive habits that brought about necessary change. The greatest revelation for me was seeing that sometimes I need more of a challenge to keep things interesting and positive. When it gets too easy, I become uninterested and the work suffers.

Jim I