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Deb Levy | Coaching Is Good

Deb Levy, M.Ed., PCC

Certified Business and Life Coach

Speaking and Presentations

I offer presentations, small-group talks, keynote speeches and leadership sessions for conferences, business meetings and staff development events. The content combines research, best practices, skills training, participatory activities and a hefty dose of humor and inspiration -- customized for your audience! -- so they will learn valuable skills, be exposed to new insights and problem-solving techniques, and have an uplifting and educational experience.

Topics include:
  • Using Positive Psychology to improve performance and well-being
  • Happiness at work - How and why it matters
  • Resilience — Thriving during challenging times
  • Achieving work/life sanity - How to work smarter not harder
  • Strengths Leadership - Leveraging the best in you to get the best out of others

Motivational talks

I offer motivational talks and training for sports teams at key competitive moments and during pre-season and post-season play. These programs teach mental performance skills and inspire athletes to their peak performance. I also speaks at sports banquets and end-of-year events.