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Deb Levy | Coaching Is Good

Deb Levy, M.Ed., PCC

Certified Business and Life Coach

Positive Psychology Workshops

Parenting with Self-Compassion

Parenting during the pandemic feels like parenting a newborn again. Your entire life has changed and you feel ill-prepared for the emotional and physical demands. You’re exhausted, overwhelmed and there are always dishes and clothes to wash – no matter if your kids are toddlers or teenagers.

Parenting during a pandemic and trying to keep your children emotionally and physically healthy is hard. Parenting in a pandemic while trying to work remotely and home school your kids is harder. Doing any of this during these uncertain times is a daunting task even if you are healthy and economically stable.

If you struggle with any of these issues, join us for a session on how to parent with more self compassion and how to develop coping strategies that align with what matters most to you and your family.  

updated: 2 years ago