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Deb Levy, M.Ed., PCC

Certified Business and Life Coach

Positive Psychology Workshops

I design custom positive psychology trainings for businesses, non-profits, schools and sports teams and develop programs that help participants improve their performance and well-being. Using your challenges as a spring board, you will learn research-based strategies to readily apply to your program development and learning needs. My teaching style is participatory and collaborative, giving you tools you can use immediately. Contact me to learn more about how I can help you and your team overcome your current challenges and thrive.

Below is a sample of the types of workshops I offer.

updated: 1 year ago

Goals Matter - How to Set Goals and Meet Them  

The latest research in positive psychology has shown that people who have goals are happier and more successful. People who write down their goals are more likely to meet them and people who set the "right" goals (intrinsic, measurable, approachable goals, to name a few) are more productive and successful. In this workshop you will learn about the science of goal setting and how to set the right academic goals to help you thrive and enjoy your semester. Participants will also learn how to develop the most important qualities you need for success (i.e., perseverance and self-regulation) and leave with a 30-day action plan.  

updated: 8 months ago

Well-Being Matters - Achieving Work Life Balance

If you're finding it more challenging than ever to juggle the demands of school, work, and the rest of your life, you're not alone! In this workshop you will learn how to be more productive by working smarter, not harder, and by managing your energy, not your time. We will also discuss the mindsets that promote success, and those that interfere with it.  

updated: 8 months ago

Mindset Matters: Developing a Growth

Do you tend to push yourself harder than most people? Do you have trouble making decisions for fear that you will make the wrong one? Do you have an incapacitating fear of failure that is interfering with your performance and your personal well-being? If you answered yes to any of these questions then perhaps you are a perfectionist. In this workshop you will learn how perfectionism leads to procrastination, missed deadlines and increased anxiety that hinders performance. Participants will learn how to use the "growth mindset" to overcome perfectionism, cope with mistakes and increase motivation in challenging situations.  

updated: 8 months ago

Strengths Matter - Using Your Strengths to Succeed  

Research in positive psychology has found that across cultures, there are 24 strengths that most people have. Knowing and using your top 5 "signature strengths" can help you increase "flow" moments (when we are totally immersed and engaged in what we are doing) and lead to more enjoyment, satisfaction and success. Research has shown that people achieve more when they use their strengths and learn how to manage their weaknesses. In this workshop you will learn how to apply your strengths to your current professional opportunities and develop an action plan to help you accelerate your progress. Take the strengths test at to get started today!

updated: 8 months ago

Planning Matters - Creating Action Plans that Work

Do you know what you need to do but don’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed by too many responsibilities and don’t know how you will get it all done? In this session participants will learn research based strategies to help them work "smarter not harder" and develop work habits  to improve productivity and manage distractions. Participants will learn the block schedule planning method and leave with a 30 day action plan and resources to help them succeed.

updated: 8 months ago